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California Assembly Bill No. 1200 (AB1200) Cookware Disclosure

About California AB1200

We are very proud of our Corelle products which are made of Vitrelle, a tempered glass consisting of glass laminated into three layers. Corelle was first introduced by Corning over 50 years ago and in 2000 started to be manufactured by the company known today as Corelle Brands. All Corelle products meet safety standards at the time of manufacturing. 

California’s AB 1200 requires manufacturers of listed cookware to disclose select chemicals if they are being intentionally added to the products’ food contact surfaces or handles to achieve a functional result, regardless of the amount added.

As manufacturing and regulatory practices have evolved, so have Corelle products. We routinely test Corelle products for cadmium content as well as other heavy metals at internationally recognized third-party testing laboratories. This testing confirms that our products comply with applicable federal and state safety regulations including FDA requirements for food contact surfaces.  

Downloadable list of Corelle products

Authoritative Lists:  OSPAR Priority Action Part A, CWA 303(c), WA PBTs, U.S. EPA NWMP PBTs, CECBP - Priority ChemicalsProp 65, IARC Carcinogens – 1, CDC 4th National Exposure ReportCA TACs, IRIS Carcinogens - B1, U.S. EPA NWMP PBTs, OEHHA RELs, CWA 303(d), CA MCLs, ATSDR Neurotoxicants

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